wicker basket
  Junan Foreign Trade Co.,Wickerwork Factory is located in the eastern suburbs of Junan county town,closing to the Yellow Sea in the east,70 km from Shijiu Port,94 km from Lianyungang,260 km from Qingdao Port.Jing-Shi railway goes through the whole area.It has convenient communications.

  Wicker handicraft is the principal product of the factory.On the base of traditional handicraft of more than 100 years,now it has over 4,000 kinds of products,including:basket of flowers,basket for carrying vegetables and foodstuffs,doghouse,cat-house,bookshelf,wastebasket,wicker&grass product,sculptured flower,wicker furniture and cane furniture,etc.Our factory contracts to process with supplied materials of investors of process according to investor's samples.

  Our factory stresses materials and has a satisfactory variety of products which sell to over 40 countries &areas,such as USA,Britain,Italy,Japan,France,Holland,Sweden,Belgium,Spain,Korea and Hong Kong,etc.Our products occupies a leading position in our country and it has become the largest export base for wickerwork.Liu Jingtao,general manager of Foreign Trade Company,factory director of Foreign Trade Co.Wickerwork Factory,welcome domestic and overseas friends of all circles of cooperate for commonfuture.

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